The Book & Game

The Book

Each Page in the book has been designed to help and appeal to young children.

The page on “Stealing” highlights the “Do’s and Don’ts” that need to be considered together with the pictures and words that children have produced when considering what Stealing means to them.

The Board Game

There are 50 snakes and 50 ladders cards, each with a different question and answer card.

The idea is simple: if a child lands on a ladder and answers a question “correctly”, they move up the ladder, If the answer was not correct, the child is told the answer
(and thus learns from their “mistake”)

All the while the kids are learning important lessons in how to keep safe in today’s community.

You can buy the “Watch Out” book or “Mistakes and Ladders” board game by contacting Tony and Lynn on 0785 4444 775 or emailing