“OK” Our Kids mission is to help our young children deal confidently with the challenges and dangers of staying safe at home, school and in the community: to empower them with the skills they need to face everyday situations knowing what is the right thing to do and leading by their example.

Our aim is to get a “Watch Out” book to every primary school child and a “Mistakes and Ladders” board game to every class in every primary school.

OK Our Kids Presents

A child’s guide to everyday dangers

Our Supporters


“I hope that all children in Buckinghamshire are fortunate to have access to this wonderful resource and my appreciation goes out to all involved in its production.”

Councillor Noel Brown

Cabinate Member for Community Engagement & Public Health

“The ‘Watch Out’ book highlights the risks that children face from a number of varied dangers. One of the great strengths is the contribution that children make to the correct words and pictures. It also managers to share the message that encourages alertness rather than alarm. I am delighted to offer my support for the book.”

John Campbell

Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police